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Linoleum Coating



We can install any type of carpet or carpet tiles for your flooring. Whether this is for your offices, any rooms at home or anything else. We stock a variety of thicknesses, patterns, colours and shapes and can make this completely bespoke to your liking. We can install household carpets for stairs, bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, or playrooms. Just let us know what room and style of flooring you would like and we will let you know what we can offer to you!

Carpet tiles are a great softer alternative to laminate flooring and wood. Long lasting, insulated and easy to clean. Perfect for any household, office or building.

Image by Francesca Tosolini


Wooden flooring is a fantastic way to bring character, life and a sense of warmth into your home. With wooden flooring being installed in panels, this makes it easy for us to shape and fit around all kinds of walls and structures within your home. With a large variety of colours, patterns, textures and purposes, we can easily transform the look of your home, office, workspace, retail space or area of your choice. Wooden flooring is ideally suited for use in both domestic and commercial environments.


Using timber floors helps reduce a building’s carbon footprint, it also increases the buildings value as wooden flooring is so desirable. With an almost limitless range of colours and finishes, we can do it all.



Luxury Vinyl Tiling flooring is becoming a lot more popular these days. With the look of stone, marble and textured effects but with a much more cost effective price range depending on what vinyl/look you go for. LVT can be pricier the more unique look you are going for. Vinyl flooring is extremely popular with domestic uses, for kitchens, bathrooms and areas where it is easier for you to hoover, wipe down and clean. This is also suitable for offices, classrooms and healthcare uses. Vinyl flooring is not only modern, but easy to install and gives you a beautiful finish regardless of that type you go for. Vinyl flooring can have the look of wood, stone or carpet effect with it remaining in a roll form and with a foam base. Comfy to walk on, easy to clean, modern and practical.

LVT Vinyl
Image by Nico Smit


Wetpour is a rubber crumb play surface used in playgrounds, parks and recreational areas. Wet pour is a two layered system including a base shock pad and a coloured top. This is often referred to as ‘rubber tarmac’ or ‘soft crumb tarmac’. This wet pour playground surface is available in a wide range of colours, including yellow, green, red epdm and much more. Childrens safety with playing in parks is crucial, so having a soft, squidgy, bouncy but hard surface is perfect for a soft landing if a child is to fall of or fall over on the floor. Rubber bark also available for surrounding areas in a softer surface.


Available in a wide range of colours, custom made to any  patterns or sizes to fit in any area of your choice. 

Soft Crumb


Safety Flooring is PVC flooring which has a non-slip vinyl coating. These products are designed to be fitted in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, store rooms and clinical areas. This flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial installations. This type of non slip flooring is two metres wide and can be bought either as a cut from a roll or as a roll. This material is curved up the side of the wall, creating an easier way to wash and clean, and is more used for a safety and clinical purposes.

Safety flooring can last up until 14+ years with good care, so this is perfect also for police stations, hospitals, healthcare, dentists and veterinary centres.

Image by Dan Gold


Astroturf is an American brand name given to this kind of artificial grass. Artificial grass is the same as Astroturf, but without the brand name. This aside, our artificial grass does more than just look good, they are durable and can withstand heavy use and can be installed just about anywhere. Whether it is to create a child and pet friendly area or to add a perfectly fresh, green, all year round grass alternative to your gardens. A great way to freshen up your lawn, or to stop having to always maintain your gardens if you are not around.​ Our artificial lawns are made from the highest quality synthetic grass, using environmentally friendly products. This is also suitable for sports pitches and outdoor activities.


All our range of grasses are UV resistance to ensure a long life and are manufactured to the industry leading standards to ensure that all our grass replicates the varied colours tones and feel of real grass.

Pricing & Quote


Due to our services always being a custom service, in the means that no flooring, shape, size, colour or quality is the same for every customer. We cannot display or offer a fixed price for a certain coverage of flooring as every single customer requirement is different. This is because we have to factor in all different aspects into each quote that we give to each customer.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us on our contact page so we can get back to you asap with an accurate quote. Please bare in mind, have the basics ready for us which means... Please know the size, style and look you are looking to go for. As all of our flooring types are priced differently and are all priced based on brand, style, quality, size and fit. When you contact us we will ask you for images of the space you are wanting your new flooring in, so we have an idea of what we are working with.

Payments are to only be made via Card payment or BACs, cash is not accepted due to Covid-19.

Upon accepting our quote, we may ask you for a deposit, or to pay up front or after the job is done. Every single job is different and we will go through our payment methods and policies when we talk to you about your quote.

We do not offer finance or payment plans.

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